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REnuCELL® Restorative Healing Cream is now available as an over-the-counter remedy for dry and flaky problem skin. Please read the commonly asked REnuCELL and skin care questions below.

Q: What is REnuCELL?
A: REnuCELL Restorative Healing Cream with PHYOẊOLIN® offers a natural, safe and effective alternative to skin-care products that contain unwanted drugs, steroids and other synthetic ingredients. GUARANTEED.

Q: What is REnuCELL made of?
A: Purified Water, Stearyl Alcohol, Centipeda Cunninghamii Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Ceteth-20, Propylene Glycol, Polyarcylamide/C13-14, Isoparaffin/Laureth-7, Diazolidinyl Urea, Tea Tree Oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Aloe Vera Juice, Lavender Oil, Geranium Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, and Grapefruit Oil.

  • What can REnuCELL be used for?

    REnuCELL Restorative Healing Cream helps to restore dry damaged skin, reduces skin redness and roughness. It improves most problem skin conditions and helps to maintain positive results. Check our testimonial page for even more remarkable ways REnuCELL is redefining skin.

  • Who is REnuCELL Group

    REnuCELL Group, LLC is a company dedicated to seeking the most effective all-natural, safe alternative to synthetic skin care products, both topical and cosmetic. Our vision has helped us form an association with Bio Actives Export Pty. Ltd. to provide the benefits of PHYOẊOLIN plant extract through a culmination of continuous cutting edge laboratory research and an ongoing development program.

  • Where is REnuCELL manufactured?

    Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. in an FDA licensed GMP facility.

  • How did REnuCELL happen?

    After a 10-year association with our Australian partners we have jointly gathered the knowledge to germinate and propagate PHYOẊOLIN for commercial production of REnuCELL Restorative Healing Cream.

  • How can I become involved in promoting REnuCELL?

    If you would like information about becoming a retailer or wholesale distributor inside or outside of the U.S., please visit our contact us page.

  • What does REnuCELL cost?

    Please click here for pricing.

  • Is REnuCELL natural?

    REnuCELL Restorative Healing Cream with PHYOẊOLIN offers a natural, safe and effective alternative to skin-care products that contain unwanted drugs, steroids and other synthetic ingredients. REnuCELL contains NO salicylic acid or coal tar.

  • Why does REnuCELL smell so good?

    The unique smell of REnuCELL is directly related to the plant extract, PHYOẊOLIN. REnuCELL Group, LLC had the option of covering the smell with perfumes, but instead chose to keep the scent in its purest form.

  • What if I do not like the product?

    REnuCELL, when purchased directly from, is easily returned to us within 60 days of receipt of shipment for a FULL REFUND less postage and handling. Even if the bottle is completely empty, CALL US at 888-400-6032 for a full refund. Our Customer Service agent will walk you through the simple process to return your product for your money back less P&H.

  • Can I contact people who have used the product?

    We have many people who have tried the product with great results! Many are more than willing to share their stories and to talk with you about REnuCELL. Contact us for further information or visit our testimonial page.

  • Why does REnuCELL stay on your body longer than lotion?

    To work effectively, REnuCELL has to sit on the skin longer than average creams or lotions. This allows the cream to penetrate into your skin and begin working. But just as with other creams and lotions, the cream soaks into your skin within minutes, leaving you with hydrated and renewed skin!

  • How often should I apply REnuCELL Restorative Healing Cream?

    For the cream to work successfully, it should be applied 2-4 times daily or as needed to soothe and calm irritated skin.